If you are a manufacturer or your business uses and produces sheet metal daily, you already know that some stains and reburr are very likely to appear. At Autopulit, we are well aware of it. That’s why we offer you industrial sheet metal deburring machines capable of removing all those burrs and sharp edges from the sheet metal you are working with. We have different machines and tools, such as wide abrasive belts or brushes for deburring and finishing.

Interested in optimizing your sheet metal deburring process? Our machines offer a wide range of configurations and possibilities, depending on your needs. Get in touch with us, tell us your specific needs, and our team will be pleased to assist you.

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The 10 Series, also known as the “Manual deburring machine”, is the basic and versatile Timesavers model and also an economical alternative for deburring sheet metal, rounding edges, and finishing.

12 SERIE 600

12 Serie Timesavers deburring and finishing machines have been the standard for over forty years in metalwork. Thousands of these economic deburring machines are used around the world for the deburring and finishing of small metal parts.


The 22 Series with Hammerhead is a suitable machine for removing coarse slag from plasma cutting workpieces.

The Series 22’s hammerhead consists of flexible and replaceable pins for removing slag from plasma-cut metal pieces. The pins hit the slag from the workpieces with a rotating and oscillating motion of 120 strokes per minute to ensure a high-quality finish.

Applications and benefits:

  • The cost is very low, and the production capacity is high.
  • Optimal ease of use.
  • Fast and effective solution for removing heavy slag.


The 22 Series is the most compact dry-running machine for deburring, edge rounding, and removing laser-cut rust from all types of flat parts.

This machine is able to deburr, round, and finish metal pieces for those clients with lower production demand. Manual, ergonomically demanding, and dirty jobs like polishing and rounding sharp edges can be automated cost-effectively with this machine. Achieve high-standard processes with the 22 Series RB.


The 32 Series RB is a compact dry-running machine for deburring, rounding, and finishing different kinds of materials.

Much attention has been paid to its ease of use and user friendliness, and as a result it is an intuitive and easy machine operation. Furthermore, this machine is energy-efficient, and the value for money is optimal.


The 42 Series RB is the ultimate machine for deburring, rounding, and finishing your products perfectly.

This deburring machine can also include one or more abrasive belt heads, perfect for removing burrs and guaranteeing perfect finishing. This machine is suitable for deburring plasma cutting, 3D, and machined metal pieces thanks to its rotating brushes with a frequency inverter. In addition, small parts (from 30 mm) to large parts (up to 1600 mm) can be processed.

62 SERIES 1600 WWB

The 62 Series 1600 WWB offers the definitive solution for finishing stainless sheet metal.

Two working widths are available: 1350 mm and 1600 mm.

Perfect finishing, including a 0.4 mm thin sheet metal (optional).

This machine can be equipped with one or more heads, so it can achieve No. 3, No. 4, and duplo finishing.

Thin sheet metal can be polished and finished thanks to the special construction of the roller table.

71 SERIE 1350 WW

In addition to the upper working heads, the lower working heads can be integrated.

This machine allows the finishing of hot or cold-rolled sheets.

We offer the 71 and 71 Series for finishing sheet metal coils.

This machine has a production speed of up to 30 m/min and gives a perfect finished result.

81 SERIES WW 1600

The 81 Series WW 1600 is Timesavers’ innovative solution for precise metal grinding.

Do you need precision grinding down to 0.02mm? There’s no problem with the 81 Series by Timesavers.

This close-tolerance machine is equipped with wide abrasive belts and is used for precise grinding of titanium, molybdenum, stainless steel, aluminum and nickel alloys, carbon steel, and more.

This machine can grind these metals to an accuracy of not less than 0.02 mm.

Timesavers’ precision belt grinder is fully custom-made.

Every variant of this machine is produced depending on our clients’ specific needs.

Precision grinding is made with a wide abrasive belt that grinds the thickness of a workpiece to achieve a fixed thickness. The Timesavers 81 Series has a conveyor belt, roller table, or reciprocating table along with high grinding power to make this precision grinding possible.

All the machines made from this model will have air curtains to keep the lubricant inside the machine, thus avoiding splashes, the environment, and wet floors.

Furthermore, a mist filter collects coolant particles from the air.

The machine is controlled by servo motors for precise positioning.