The current facilities in Sant Fruitós de Bages (Barcelona) were built in 1998.


The new plant (6,000 m2) was designed with the new market needs and new production processes in mind, incorporating the latest technologies with a constant I + D + I, and adapting the equipment to the “CE” safety standards.

The installation of solar panels allows us to be self-sufficient and sustainable, as far as energy consumption is concerned.

The workshop is aimed at guaranteeing the comfort and safety of the workers in their respective jobs, as well as of the customers who visit the facilities at different stages of the production process. We understood that the previous validation phase of the project, as well as the reception of the machine in the plant, two of the most important moments for us and for our client, required facilities that would allow the comfort of circulation and communication, and at the same time comply with current safety criteria.

Investing in top brand machinery for production processes gives us a guarantee of quality in our final product.
Facilities that breathe innovation, space, order, cleanliness, safety and comfort.