12 May 2021

Last delivery of polishing machines

Autopulit has delivered two automatic reciprocating polishing machines to Professional Polishing Services.

Professional Polishing Services is a privately owned business based in Smethwick in the UK, specialising in providing a bespoke stainless steel polishing service to customers anywhere in the world, with production running at around 30,000 tonnes of material being processed annually.

The two automatic reciprocating polishing machines PHA-1250×3000/1UP are designed for polishing sheets, flat parts, profiles, in a variety of materials.

The machines installed at Professional Polishing Services feature vacuum tables to hold the sheet measuring up to 1250 by 3000 mm in place while it is passed under the oscillating head and polishing mop.

“The new machines and the added capability they bring will open up new opportunities for us, especially in the food and drink manufacturing sector,” says Kirsty Davies-Chinnock, Managing Director of Professional Polishing Services.

With these machines installed, Kirsty Davies-Chinnock’s plans to convert what is a high energy consuming business in to a carbon neutral environment within five years.